Pre-Season Plunge Clinic starts Feb 1

Austin Fit Magazine, Nitro Swimming and FOMO Training have teamed up with SwimVersity to present The SwimVersity Pre-Season Plunge, a 4 Week Swim Clinic at Nitro Swimming Bee Cave.

Click here for more information and to register!

 If you’re that triathlete who feels that swimming is “not their thing” this clinic is for you.

Jump start your tri season with a four-week swim clinic to brush up on technique and ensure a season of efficient swimming! Small changes in technique can lead to big changes in time and efficiency. This clinic is designed to give you the skills to improve your technique as well as your speed. No book or video can give you individualized feedback the way a coach can. Let our expert coaches help you make the changes you need to make to swim your best. Our coaches create a friendly environment where everyone can be themselves and learn swim technique, training skills and swimming terminology that will help you feel comfortable in any group swimming environment.

Ticket Price of $150 Includes: Four 1 hr sessions + 1 bonus written workout per week for you to do on your own between sessions

1:00-2:00pm Saturdays: Feb 1, 8, 15 and 22

Nitro Swimming Bee Cave

Topics covered include:


Body Position

Front quadrant timing





Training skills

How to optimize swimming for triathlon


* Targeted at those who have at least one tri season under their belt and can swim a minimum of 300 yds without stopping.

* Optional video taping session $50- Taping will take place on Feb 1 before the clinic starts so you can see yourself swim and gain a better understanding of what needs improvement. Swimmers will receive a personalized video with angles from above and below the water from both the side and the front. Each person will receive individual stroke analysis and commentary.  

* Limited to the first 20 registrants. 

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Fast and Efficient Touch Turns

It is hard to get a good aerobic or anaerobic workout when you stop and rest every 25 yards! Many swimmers ‘rest’ rather than ‘turn’ at the wall. We have put together this short “how to touch turn” video to help you on your way to a better, more consistent, workout. If you can do this type of fast and efficient touch turn you will be better prepared to move on to the more complicated, and hypoxic, flip turn. I know that many swimmers feel they don’t need to master turns because they don’t compete in pool swimming, but having a quick and efficient turn will help you get fitter, especially for the swimming you do when there is no wall to hold on to (and rest at) every 25 yards!

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Clinic Dates and Workout Times for October Now Posted!

Don’t forget about your swimming just because summer is behind you! Now is the perfect time to dial in to your technique and create great habits that will stand you in good stead when you start churning out the miles in the spring. Come join us for a Level I or Level II clinic at the Circle C Swim Center in October. If a midweek swim workout is what you are looking for you can’t beat our technique focused Skills and Drills Workouts, check out our new October schedule!

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Sneak Preview

Below is a brief video covering one of the key drills we teach at the SwimVersity Level I Clinic. The drill, called 10-10 TPR, works on body balance and timing, allowing you to practice swimming on your side and timing your pull with your body rotation. Drills are a great way to break down the stroke and allow you to focus on one (or two!) things at a time. It is always good to put some drills into the early part of your workout so you have a chance to think about and focus on your stroke before you get started. If you find yourself losing your stroke technique when you get fatigued, go back to doing some drills, refocus, and then resume your swimming workout!

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New Stroke Clinics for High Schoolers Added to the Schedule!

We are excited to announce our two new upcoming clinics for High School students. On August 14 and 16 from 1-3pm at Nitro Swimming, Bee Cave, we are offering dynamic clinics that cover technique for all four strokes. Each clinic has a dry-land strength training component and time dedicated to working on essential skills like turns and breakouts.  A great clinic for those that need a refresher on technique before going back to school, or for those looking to refine and enhance the skills they have! See our Clinic Outline and Clinic Schedule and Registration pages for details!

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To Kick or Not to Kick?

Many triathletes think of kick as something they don’t want to do in a race in order to save their legs for the bike and run, which makes sense. Many don’t like to kick in practice because they have already worked their legs so hard in the rest of their training. The unfortunate truth is that you need to learn to kick efficiently before you can choose not to use your legs – and that means practice… Kick is a really important part of your swim. You need to use and hold your legs correctly so you aren’t dragging them around behind you like a dead weight :) Try these simple tips and then add some kick with a kick board, on your back, or best of all, on your side, to every workout!

  • Kick from the hips and keep your legs straight on the upward kick, follow-through and “flick” down on the downward kick with your toes in a relaxed point.
  • Keep the distance of your kicking legs small and tight, let your big toes swipe each other and squeeze your butt cheeks as you kick up with your hamstrings.
  • Kick should look like boiling water, feet right below the surface, not big loud splashes with your feet out and not way below the surface.

Once your kick is efficient then you can choose a two beat kick when it comes to your tri!

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Technique Tip: Streamline Position

How’s your streamline? Not sure? Check out this video on how to and how NOT to streamline.

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